I am very pleased to use and endorse the fine products of:

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Cymbals / Sounds / Gongs




I also use the fine instruments of:

Steve Hubback Gongs & Metals

Michael Paiste Gongs

Lgovsky Percussion

Grotta Sonora in Italy

Ryan Shelledy

Martin Bläse

I've used Humes & Berg Cases since 1972!


Great Places to buy Gongs & Percussion:

The Memphis Gong Chamber

Steve Weiss Music in Philadelphia

Gongs Unlimited in Nebraska

The Gong Shop in San Francisco

Matt Nolan Cymbals & Gongs in Bath, England

Gong Songs in Boston

Ecymbals in England

Shawn Aceto Sounds in Rhode Island

Grotta Sonora in Italy

Places to buy Quality Singing Bowls


Crystal Singing Bowls

Himalayan Bowls

Best Singing Bowls

Zen Singing Bowls

Good Friends:

District 97

Andrea Centazzo

Pierre Favre

Fredy Studer

Chris Cawthray

Brian Ritchie

Kenny Kolter

Fabeku Fatunmise

Passport Project, Cleveland

Glenn Kotchie

Frank Perry

John Calarco

Gong/Singing Bowl/Sacred Sound Teachers

Check them out and find if their teachings align with your path

Frank Perry

Don Conreaux

Sheila Whittaker

Mitch Nur

Natalie Brown

Ed Cleveland

Philip McNamara

Mike Tamburo

Thomas Orr Anderson

Podcats I listen to:

While I have linked to all the podcasts, you can find them on 

Apple, Spotify, Podbean and other podcast hosts.

Sounds Heal with Natalie Brown

@ Percussion with Casey Cangelosi and others

Concert Honesty with Josh Quillen

Audible Brutality with Adam Percy and Tim van de Ven

The Corona Diaries with Steve Hogarth of Marillion

The Evelyn Glennie Podcast

 The Album Years podcast with Steven Wilson and Tim Bowness

Breakfast with Vinnie with Vinnie Calaiuta

The Lion’s Roar Podcast

Post-Traditional Buddhism Podcast

Tricycle Talks

Music You Should Check Out:



Mari Boine


David Sylvian

John Cage

Morton Feldman

Karlheinz Stockhausen

Third Coast Percussion

So Percussion

Torq Percussion

Mode Records

Cantaloupe Records

Ogreogress Records

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